New Mycelium & Moss Wall Panel

Give your room a natural glow! The  Mycelium & Moss Wall Panels are lovingly handmade, bringing the beauty and calm of the outdoors right to your walls.

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Product description

Having a touch of nature in your room that doesn’t need watering or extra care. That’s what you get with this panel – they’re fresh, green and lovely.
Created by Marcel Ellen, every panel is made from 100% natural materials –>  moss, hemp and mycelium – that’s the root-like structure of mushrooms to create a panel that’s not just unique but also kind to the planet.

Just hang your panel and enjoy the tranquility it brings to any room and add some evergreen charm to your home, office, or any cozy corner that could use some natural joy.

The desired humidity level is between 40 and 60%, which is suitable for an average home or office.The applied liquid ensures that the moss remains green for a long time without needing maintenance. When applying the flat moss, it is important to push the edges of the moss firmly against each other. This way, you create a nicely adjoining moss wall. The flat moss is naturally variegated in color. After the preparation treatment, it retains its natural appearance. The moss also maintains its natural scent for a period. This will disappear. The duration depends on the ventilation in the room. Avoid direct sunlight or lighting on the moss to prevent discoloration. The moss should not come into contact with water or be placed or hung in a damp room. This also applies if you store it for a longer period. Reindeer moss receives a preventive heat treatment against insects, but as a natural product, it remains attractive to insects. Therefore, we cannot accept any liability for the presence of insects.

Specifications for New Mycelium & Moss Wall Panel

Available size:
small: height 5.5 cm, Diameter 40 cm

medium: height 5.5 cm, Diameter 50 cm

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