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… to replace plastic foam with our 100% sustainable MycoComposite™ to protect our goods, insulate our homes, design timeless pieces, all grown with minimum energy, zero waste and zero harm, in all its life cycle.
And by doing so, leave a more liveable planet for generations to come.


We have an innovation

We grow the natural and 100% home-compostable alternative to plastic foam: MycoComposite™

Mycelium technology, pioneered by Ecovative™​, only consists of mycelium and upcycled local agricultural waste. It offers the same performance and longevity as plastic foam at a comparable cost.

What is mycelium?

The root structure of fungi, an infinite resource that lies beneath our feet, in the soil.

It’s the decomposer of our planet. A natural binder of the biomass. It’s the wood wide web, connecting plants and trees together.
Want to learn more about Mycelium? Here you can find more.

Why mycelium?

Mycelium is a regenerative resource the world is only recently getting to know.

Apart from its incredible role in nature, mycelium grows fast and has a hard surface thanks to a material called chitin which makes it suitable for packaging, interior items and insulation panels.

We only need a few ingredients

Local organic waste



Final result

Sustainable products for protective packaging, interiors and building. The products enable 100% home and marine composting.

Grown with a simple process

1. Fill the mould

with our mycelium and locally sourced agricultural waste mix substrate.

2. Let it grow

in a controlled environment, mycelium feeds on the waste, grows and binds in 5 days.

3. Stop the growth

of mycelium by placing the products in dry chambers for 2 days​.

Properties of MycoComposite™