Can I prevent or stop contamination?

If you see a green/blue-ish spot, you have spotted contamination. If you’ve spotted this in your still closed GIY substrate, contact us. Contamination can also occur after you’ve filled your mould or while drying. First, make sure to work sterile. Contamination can occur while filling your mould due to your working surface/hands/mould not being clean [...]

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Is mycelium waterproof?

No, the material will lose rigidity and will become susceptible to degradation when repeatedly exposing it to water. It does repulse water for some time and it even floats! Of course, it not raining all the time. In between showers the material will passively dry and maintain some rigidity. But in the long run, it [...]

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Can mycelium be stored in wet areas?

It is better not to store mycelium in wet areas, because when the mycelium gets wet it will lose its strength. So, the material itself should be kept dry. Furthermore, other fungi might exist in wet areas which consider mycelium as nutrition. One way to protect it is by using a coating. On demand only, [...]

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I’m looking for a sustainable packaging alternative for my product. Is my business product suitable for mycelium composites?

Every case is different, but we are happy to explore possible packaging solutions for your product. Reach out to use and we can discuss how suitable your product is. At Grown.Bio, we focus upon sustainable packaging solutions for people that are looking for circular alternatives. We grow packaging for bottles, electronics, cosmetic products or any [...]

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I want to experiment with my product once I received it. How can I adapt my product post-production?

The possibilities are endless! You can for example cut the material with a saw, drill holes in it or cover it in laminated wood. We recommend natural, biobased sealants as the purpose of the material is to not add toxins to the environment. The material can be sanded and finished with beeswax, milk paint, water-based polyurethane, and [...]

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