This corner protector protects the products that need to be shipped in an eco-friendly way. They are great for protecting your furniture and other goods, especially in box-in-box applications. Simply break it in four, and you will have a shock absorber, comparable to styrofoam. For our friends in business: this is the sustainable solution to packaging you have been looking for. As with all our mycelium products, these corners are fully home compostable. Break them up in your garden or compost and they will add nutrition back into your soil!

Available size(s):
L 9.0 cm x W 9.0 cm x H 6.5 cm (for each corner)

1 breakaway corner set equals 4 corners. When shipped, these four corners are still connected to each other (see photo). The minimum order quantity is 36 sets, which can be broken into 144 individual corners.