Mycelium bricks are completely upcycled, made from rest-streams and naturally occurring mycelium. Using less in this case, makes more!
The conventional building sector greatly impacts our natural environment. We should re-think housing and drastically change what our houses are made of. At Grown, we believe that mycelium can be of great use in this sector. We offer insulation panels made of mycelium as a sustainable alternative to current insulation methods.
But building with mycelium bricks? Not yet. We like the idea and, therefore, we have these zero-waste demo bricks for you to showcase the variety of possibilities our mycelium material can offer!

Available size(s):
L 20.5 cm x W 10.0 cm x H 6.0 cm

Consider the bulk prices below when placing your order. The more products you buy, the higher your discount!

Quantity Price per product (excl. VAT)
2-10 € 5.99
10-30 € 4.99
30+ € 3.99