The Growing Pavilion made its entrance at the Dutch Design Week in 2019. The pavilion showed the possibilities and beauty, biobased structures can offer to the built environment. The side of the pavilion consisted of mycelium panels grown by us (see photo). While growing the panels, a few extra panels were made, which are being sold right now. Only while stocks last! Each panel has its unique shape and colour. We have included both a photo of the front and the back of each panel.
If you are interested in our other mycelium panels, check them out in our shop.

The width and thickness of each panel are approximately the same. Carefully check the length of each panel as this can vary per panel.
Available size(s):
Panel 5: L 200 cm x W 60 cm x H ~12 cm

Only Panel 5 is left, the others have been sold.

Deliverable time is upon request. Prices include VAT, excluding shipping. We will contact you after you have completed the order.