The GIY Grow Table Lamp kit combines the art of making with the power of nature in a truly sustainable fabrication process. Grow this lamp using Ecovative’s patented Mushroom® Material technology. The kit includes a bag of Grow-It-Yourself mushroom material, a lampshade form and a table stand (made from local pinewood), and a lamp socket with a black textile cable (no switch or connector).

We ship fresh substrate: ready to use. It is best to store it between 1-7 degrees Celsius and use it within 5 days upon arrival.

Available size(s) lampshade:
H 14cm x D 18cm

Designer: Danielle Trofe, USA

User manual

You can skip step 1, the substrate is ready for use. Keep in mind: 200 degrees Fahrenheit is approx 90 degrees Celsius.