1. 1x table ring ‘stretched*’ to 80cm a €420,-
  2. 1x Pouf a €435,-
  3. Adapter set a €60,-
  4. Selection of materials a €100,-
  5. 6x panels (60cm x 5.5 x 120cm), cut* to a length of 114cm each and a total width of 346cm a €810,-
  6. 1x panel according to picture in WhatsApp, cut* into 2pcs of approx. 30cm x 120cm x 5.5cm, total: €135,-
  7. 8 bricks, total €32,-

*edges, rims, etc will be improved/touched up with sustainable paint.

Total ex shipping: €1992,- Shipping  €297,-

Already paid: €1.205,-, that leaves: €1.084,- (We both are EU-based so 0%VAT)

shipping date: August 7th. Due to expect in Margate: August 11th.


2A Market Street