Mycelium is a very suitable material for insulating your home. Initially this panel was designed to simply be used between two walls. However, we have seen people putting it between two glass layers as they still wanted to see the beautiful mushroom texture.
This insulation panel (R~0,5) is slightly thinner than our other mycelium panel. For this panel we offer two extras that can be combined:

  • Make the panel even stronger by choosing to support it with a greyboard cover at the front and back. This makes it possible to mount the panel with screws.
  • Make the panel more aesthetically pleasing and limit the probability that the sides are getting damaged by choosing the option for chamfered edges.

Available size(s):
L 1230 mm x W 830 mm x H 25 mm

Delivery time is upon request. Prices include VAT, exclude shipping. Contact us for more details on shipping.
We sell our panels in sets of 10 pieces, which will be shipped in two packages of 25kg each. The indicated price is thus per set of panels.