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Technical Production Employee

Will you strengthen our team as our new Technical Production Employee?

Below you find more information about this position. Feel free to contact us via mail for related questions or to apply for this position.

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Will you make a difference for GROWN bio?
GROWN bio is a biotech company that makes a wide range of products from agricultural waste in a sustainable way, such as packaging, interior products and insulation panels. We are unique because there are only a few companies in the world that do the same as we do. At the beginning of 2022, we were elected Most Innovative SME in The Netherlands. Sustainably dealing with nature and employees is an important value of our company.

What will you do as a Technical Production Employee?
As a Production Employee (without the Technical) your Mon-Wed-Friday mainly consists of participating in the production of products:

  • Preparing and filling the machines;
  • Filling, unloading and washing the molds (mostly automated);
  • Logistical tasks such as preparing large shipments.

The Technical work concerns Tuesday and Thursday and also partly Mon-Wed-Friday. Then you do all kinds of large and small technical jobs:

  • Preparation of the 3D milling of mother molds, the finishing thereof and the thermoforming of production molds;
  • Set up and maintain equipment;
  • The craziest, but interesting things, where technical skills are desired.

What do we ask of you?

  • You are technically skilled (MBO-level). We are not looking for a technical specialist, the range of tasks is too broad for that. You are technically multi functional;
  • What you can’t do yet, we’ll teach you. A willing to learn is therefore a requirement;
  • We find a good working atmosphere extremely important. You have respect for others and are always willing to help;
  • You know how to tackle and are creative with technical challenges;
  • You have an eye for working safely, for yourself and others;
  • Sustainability is in our genes and we expect an appropriate attitude from you.

What do we offer you?
GROWN bio offers you a challenging position in a pleasant and flexible working environment. The range of tasks is wide and we have the people who will teach you the many different skills. This learning does not stop after the first period. We are a young company with production methods that do not yet have years of experience. Not a day is the same and your personal growth will therefore be continuously.

The conditions are:

  • 40-hour working week, 20 vacation days/year;
  • Salary: from €2,250/month excluding holiday allowance;
  • Holiday allowance is paid monthly;
  • Travel costs: €0.19/km for kms above 20km one way, with a max of 50km one way.

More information about the position or want to apply?
Arthur Moree is happy to tell you more about the position. You can reach Arthur on 0654 686 414 or Applications via mail please.