Industrial Protective Packaging

Stronger, Safer, Sustainable.

most sustainable packaging - mycelium

Pack Powerfully, Protect Naturally

Mushroom® Packaging stands out with its unique combination of strength and lightness, perfect for efficiently shipping industrial products. When it comes to cost, in larger quantities, it competes well with standard packaging options but its eco-credentials are unmatched.

Significant CO2 Saver

Reduce about 600g CO2/liter vs. EPS packaging


Stay ahead of upcoming plastic regulations and prevent unnecessary taxes

Strong and Light Material

Ideal for shipping , offering an exceptional balance of durability and lightweight 


Competitive Price

With good quantities it can be compared with other standard packaging

Best in Sustainable Packaging

100% natural, fully compostable and completely safe

More Benefits

ISTA 3 norms and soft skin 

Mushroom® Packaging
Uplifts your brand!

It can be grown with a unique velvety texture and has a natural look and feel.
Mycelium products can also be painted to add color, or coated to add protection.

Here are some of the brands we work with:


That’s how we make sustainable protective packaging

Your new packaging in 3 steps

Preliminary Price Offer
You provide:
Product to pack and dimension
Packaging design (or ask us)
Production volume (per week)

Design & Prototype
We then:
Make a render
Make a 1-time mould
Grow your prototype

Official Order
Finally we:
Make production molds
Start growing your packaging
First batch in 10 days

1-2 days

3-4 weeks

4-5 weeks


Is mycelium packaging CO2 neutral?

For an in-depth answer, I’d recommend visiting our landing page on this topic. Obviously, the CO2 negativity (or positivity) is depending on the distance the mycelium packaging is shipped.

How strong is Mushroom® Packaging?

Watch this:

Is Mushroom® Packaging scratch proof?

Check out our Sratch Test:

Discover more with our sample box

Order our sample box today to feel the unique look and touch of mycelium composite, a brilliant result of nature's intelligence, right at your mailbox.