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Factory Supervisor

Hi, we’re looking for a leader of our factory, who has the skills, ambition and passion to make the team successful and initiate further process improvements. Are you ready to run a small factory? Do you have the creative mind to see improvements? Do you have the persistence to make those really happen?

About GROWN bio

We are a biotech company that makes revolutionary packaging products. Our technology is based on biology: we use mycelium (mushroom roots) and natural waste fibers to literally grow packaging products instead of manufacturing them.

Our objective is to lead Europe out of the plastic foam problem. With our Mushroom® Packaging we can leave a cleaner, less polluted planet for future generations.

Founded in 2018 by Jan Berbee & Arthur Moree, Grown started in a garage but is today a scale up with a factory in Heerewaarden. Our team now has 12 members and is growing. We are the reliable partner to many industries in Europe who are eager to find truly harmless packaging. Our solution helps clients transform their businesses towards sustainability.

Also, we are the proud winner of the KvK Top 100: selected as the most innovative SME company of the Netherlands! Sustainable production and respect for each other are values of our company. In June 2022 we were awarded as ‘Most Inclusive Employer’ of our region.

The role

The factory supervisor is responsible for the daily output of our production facility, but also the constant scaling up to double and even ten-fold capacity.

Your challenges are:
• To lead a team of about 6 employees, keeping the spirit, the focus and fun
• To realize the weekly production schedule with new customers constantly joining
• To manage our mould making department
• To schedule and manage the inflow of raw materials for the production
• To manage the logistics of grown products to our European customer base
• To work with packaging designers and our international sales team on
packaging challenges to use by new prospects
• To constantly scan in our production for improvement potential both in
(current) processes as well as (new) factory automation

What we offer

GROWN bio offers you an incredible journey: a key position in our factory that is constantly growing and needs innovative and creative thinking to handle the ever increasing amount of sustainable products that are made…made? Well, grown. In the pleasant and flexible working environment, not a day is the same and your personal growth will be continuously. We offer a competitive salary package and other benefits. The job for Factory Supervisor is full time (40 hours), and the location is in Heerewaarden, The Netherlands.

Skills & Experience

• Bachelor or Master degree in Technics, Logistics or Operations or comparable thinking and acting level.
• At least 2 years’ experience in managing production environments.
• Ready for the ‘next step’: lead and motivate a production team
• Good knowledge of the Dutch & English language, both written & verbal.
• You are technically multi-functional and hands-on, but with a keen focus on managing the processes efficiently.
• Sustainability is in our genes and you need to have the same to understand what drives us.

Are you interested in the position of Factory Manager and do you recognize yourself in the job description?

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The Sustainable Development Goals are our North Star

We assist our customers in growing their business sustainably. Meanwhile, we continue to innovate to improve the quality of our products and test the use of more local waste streams.

We create fully circular products: harvesting agricultural waste streams as input, using reuse/ repurpose principles in our designs, and closing the loop by returning our products as compost to nature.

We continuously challenge ourselves to improve our production processes and logistics infrastructure to minimize our (carbon) footprint, to create a healthier and more sustainable planet.

We are part of the solution to tackle the agricultural ‘waste’ problem, as this stream is valuable input for our products. Thereby, we prevent it from going to landfill or incineration.