Protective Packaging:
Redefining the Future
with Mushroom® Packaging

Sustainable Packaging: Redefining the Future with Mushroom® Packaging

Stronger, Safer, Sustainable!

Mycelium’s Protective Power

Protective packaging is essential for the safe delivery and storage of products. Mycelium, the root structure of fungi, offers a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic foams like styrofoam. Besides being a biological material, mycelium is water-resistant and flame-retardant which makes it a strong candidate for shipping  goods securely. Its resilience and moldability make it especially useful for creating customized packaging solutions that are both lightweight, soft and robust.

Mycelium’s biodegradability is not only a win for the environment but also for businesses seeking to integrate eco-friendly practices.

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That’s why we offer Mushroom® Packaging, the revolutionary innovation made from mycelium.
It is also remarkable for its energy-efficient production process, requiring significantly less energy compared to the manufacture of plastic or cardboard and CO2 capturing qualities.

The Power of Mycelium

Discover the World of Fungi

What is mycelium, and why is it a game-changer for sustainable packaging? Let’s take a quick look into the fascinating realm of fungi:

  • Fungi & Recycling: Fungi play a crucial role in breaking down and reusing organic materials. We for example use local agricultural byproducts for our final substrate.
    The mycelium networks (root structure) contribute to soil health, bind soil, and transform organic matter. It’s a natural recycling system that benefits the environment.
  • Versatile Properties: Mycelium is a remarkable material that can be shaped, molded, and grown into various forms. It’s the ideal choice for creating protective packaging.

Why Mycelium is the ultimate Protective Packaging Solution

A Better Choice for a Greener Planet

Our sustainable protective packaging products are designed to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. We are committed to designing our packaging solutions with a focus on sustainability and smart design. We understand that it’s not enough to simply create packaging that can be recycled; we need to consider the entire life cycle of the product. This is what sets our sustainable packaging apart and makes it different from other sustainable solutions!


Nature’s Intelligence

We’re using the extraordinary potential of mycelium, the root structure of fungi. Eco-friendly

Sustainable Alternative

It replaces harmful materials like styrofoam and single-use plastics, ensuring that it is environmentally friendly from start to finish.

Compostable Solution

This natural and versatile material is 100% home and marine compostable.


Properties of Mycelium

Products we can pack in mycelium

And many more….
Do you have a product to pack?

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Embrace a Sustainable Future

Join Us in Paving the Way for Sustainability

We believe that sustainable protective packaging is the future. By harnessing the potential of mycelium, we can create a brighter and greener world for generations to come. Whether you’re a conscious consumer, an innovative designer, or someone who wants to make a positive impact, our sustainable packaging solutions are here to transform the industry.

Remember, the choice is in your hands. Together, let’s redefine the future of packaging and build a sustainable tomorrow. 

High-quality protective packaging from natural materials impresses
with its versatility

A significant advantage of protective packaging from mycelium is that it is very similar to the packaging material from Styrofoam. Thus, it also convinces with a minimal weight, provides optimal protection under different climatic conditions, and can be brought into various shapes and sizes during production. The versatility of protective packaging is huge due to the diverse customization options. On one hand, it can be used for small products like individual glass bottles or cosmetic articles. On the other hand, it is used as packaging material for washing machines and large household appliances. This protective packaging is also used for radiators.

Why is good protective packaging important?

Companies mainly think about protective packaging when their goods need to be shipped and thus transported safely. During transport, shipments are exposed to significant stress. Damage to devices or other products is not uncommon. Surveys have even shown that these account for up to 30 percent of complaints. Good protective packaging is resistant to most external influences and prevents them from damaging the products. It is important that the protective packaging really fits the product and optimally protects all sides.

When is protective packaging considered ecological?

In the search for suitable protective packaging, more and more companies are consciously opting for ecological packaging solutions. But when is protective packaging considered sustainable and environmentally friendly? It’s not only the material from which it is made that is crucial. The manufacturing process also plays a role in the assessment. It is important that the production of the protective packaging can be at least low-emission or even CO2-neutral. Furthermore, you should ensure that the protective packaging can be composted and leaves no harmful substances behind. Our packaging solutions fully meet these requirements.