Influencer Packaging

Unboxing Redefined with Grown bio

most sustainable packaging - mycelium

Unbox with Style, Protect with Charm

In the dynamic world of influencer marketing, the first impression is everything. Grown Bio’s influencer packaging is designed to turn heads and create memorable unboxing experiences. Mushroom® Packaging stands out with its looks and properties.

Share-Worthy Properties

Sustainable, compostable and CO2 saving produt.

Tailored to Trends

Always on the pulse of the latest social media and design trends for maximum impact.

Customizable for Creativity

Flexible designs that can be tailored to fit the unique style and needs of your brand.


Competitive Price

With good quantities it can be compared with other standard packaging

Best in Sustainable Packaging

100% natural, fully compostable and completely safe

Viral Potential

Crafted to make your products the center of attention.

Mushroom® Packaging
Uplifts your brand!

It can be grown with a unique velvety texture and has a natural look and feel.
Mycelium products can also be painted to add color, or coated to add protection.

Here are some of the brands we work with:

Plants are Purple

That’s how we make sustainable protective packaging

Your new packaging in 3 steps

Preliminary Price Offer
You provide:
Product to pack and dimension
Packaging design (or ask us)
Production volume (per week)

Design & Prototype
We then:
Make a render
Make a 1-time mould
Grow your prototype

Official Order
Finally we:
Make production molds
Start growing your packaging
First batch in 10 days

1-2 days

3-4 weeks

4-5 weeks


Can you pack cosmetic articles in mycelium?

Yes! Learn more about it here.
We offer packaging solutions for cosmetics that align with the values of the industry. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from our products and packaging to our entire supply chain. 
Mushroom® Packaging is the perfect solution for your product.

Is Mushroom Packaging compostable?

Yes! Our packaging is fully home and marine compostable due to its organic composition.

Is Mushroom® Packaging scratch proof?

Check out our Sratch Test:

Discover more with our sample box

Order our sample box today to feel the unique look and touch of mycelium composite, a brilliant result of nature's intelligence, right at your mailbox.