Protective Mycelium Box – Large

ONE4 Packaging offers the perfect solution for small businesses looking to use sustainable packaging without the usual hurdles of high costs, large order requirements, and complex design processes. Our affordable and scalable online platform simplifies design, making mycelium packaging accessible to all.

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1,210.00 inc. VAT

Staffel prices

Quantity Discount (%) Price per unit (inc. VAT)
40 - 80 1,210.00
81 - 120 1,210.00
121+ 1,210.00

Product description

Sustainable mycelium inside, customisable cardboard outside.

We’ve got something new – ONE4 Packaging – the first customizable mycelium packaging. You can effortlessly brand it yourself and place orders online with just a few clicks. 

Packaging is more than just a necessary protection for your products; it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression. It’s the first thing people see, hold and judge.
That’s why we offer sustainable packaging solutions made from Mycelium, a remarkable natural material sourced from the root structure of a fungus. Our packaging is not only eco-friendly and highly functional, but also visually stunning, leaving your customers with a good feeling, even when they dispose of it.

What Makes ONE4 Packaging Special?

  • Made by Nature
  • Unique Customisable Design
  • Protective and Sustainable
  • Brand Booster

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