Mar 13, 2024

How to use the mycelium GIY kit: Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

Congratulations on exploring the fascinating and magical world of mycelium with your very own Grow It Yourself (GIY) Kit! If you’re wondering where to start, you’re in the perfect place. This guide will walk you through everything from storing your kit to watching your first mycelium project come to life.

Welcome to the World of Mycelium

Your journey starts after you’ve ordered your mycelium GIY kit. After you’ve received you bag, pleases store it in your fridge and use it within 5 days. Sometimes the mycelium already starts growing a bit and the substrate turns white, that’s no problem, you can still use it. Check out our FAQ page if that’s the case.

Have fun!

Before You Begin: Tools and Tips

Your kit comes with the most important ingredient: the substrate! Things you need to have at home:

  • Ethanol (alcohol) for disinfection
  • A large bowl
  • A kitchen scale
  • Gloves
  • Plastic wrap
  • Scissors
  • Some flour
  • growth form (if you’ve ordered a GIY kit without a growth form)

Keeping everything clean is very important to avoid any unwanted bacterial guests that could spoil your project. So, gloves on and let’s disinfect everything the mycelium will get in contact with!
If you’ve ordered a GIY kit without a growth form you can check out this blog post and learn more about how to make your own growth form.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, download our instruction.

You can also check out our tutorial on Youtube:

Send us pictures of your creation and safe 15% on your next order!

You need some inspiration? Say no more!

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