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How mycelium packaging can help to recycle carbon

As the world seeks solutions for climate change, there’s a growing interest in what nature already does best: recycling carbon. Here’s how Grown bio uses nature’s own methods to make packaging that’s good for the planet.

How can you recycle carbon?

Recycling carbon essentially means capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and reusing it, rather than allowing it to contribute to global warming. One natural method is photosynthesis—plants, trees, and other green vegetation absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. During photosynthesis, they convert the carbon from CO2 into organic matter such as leaves, stems, and roots, while releasing oxygen back into the air. A good example is the use of organic fibers such as hemp, which is particularly effective at this; hemp captures the most CO2 per square acre per year, making it an excellent resource for creating sustainable materials. This shows how biogenic carbons, which come from organic sources, have an important role in the natural carbon cycle.

recycle carbon

The problem with other carbons

In contrast to biogenic carbons, non-biogenic carbons comes from non-organic sources like fossil fuels (oil, coal, and gas). These elements were created by capturing carbon and storing it deep underground, for thousands of years. Using fossil fuels releases a lot of carbon, which contributes significantly to global warming and disrupts the balance of our planet’s carbon cycle.

How mycelium packaging helps

We use mycelium — the roots of mushrooms combined with hemp to make our eco-friendly packaging. Here’s why this combination is a winning solution:

  • It grows fast: Mycelium can grow into packaging material in just a few days.
  • It breaks down easily: Once you’re done with it, mycelium packaging can be composted and will break down into soil without leaving any waste behind.
  • It’s part of a natural cycle: Did you know that hemp captures the most CO2 per square acre of almost all crops while growing?

Why this matters

Choosing packaging made from biobased materials means less pollution and less waste. It’s a simple but powerful way to take care of our planet.
We all make choices every day about what to buy and use. By choosing products that are better for the environment, like mycelium packaging, we’re taking steps towards a cleaner and greener future.

Join us in making choices that help our planet. It’s good for nature, and good for us too. Let’s make a positive change together! Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date.

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