Oct 5, 2020 | Mushroom Packaging

Amen grows carbon-negative mycelium packaging to ship its candles

A range of candles by French brand Amen will be delivered in carbon-negative packaging made from mycelium and agricultural waste.

The brand hopes the packaging will help it tackle the hidden plastic waste associated with shipping fragile products such as candles, which often require bubble wrap or other plastics to protect them even if the outer packaging is plastic-free.

“Our candles are sold in porcelain jars and when we sent our first delivery to a partner store in the US, half of them broke during transport,” Amen founder Rodrigo Garcia Alvarez told Dezeen.

“We obviously had to change our packaging but all the traditional solutions are made from plastic foam. The end customer just sees the recycled paper packaging but many brands use plastics alongside this to protect the product.”
Amen candles are shipped in “carbon negative” mycelium packaging.

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