Oct 25, 2023 | Mushroom Packaging, Blog

What is the most sustainable protective packaging? 

Are you’re here because you care about our planet and you’re asking: “Which packaging is really sustainable?
Great, let’s answer this question now.

So, you wonder: “Which protective packaging is really sustainable? 

Perfect! We introduce to you the ideal choice: Mushroom ® Packaging.
Made with just two biobased ingredients – mycelium and hemp fibres.  

What’s the issue with some of the usual options: 

  1. EPS: Stays around for hundreds of years, harming humans, animals and nature. 
  1. Cardboard buffers: Might seem good but you need to think about where it comes from.  Many paper-based buffers lead to deforestation
  1. Bioplastic foams: Still can take years to decompose and may require industrial composting facilities to break down effectively. 

Mycelium: A Game Changer in Packaging!

Choosing the right protective packaging is an important decision; for the safety of the products and the happiness of the customers. But it is also a statement about a brand’s values. Here’s how switching to mycelium can redefine a company’s commitment to the environment: 

most sustainable packaging - mycelium
most sustainable packaging - mycelium

Drastically Lower Carbon Footprint: 

Mycelium packaging is not only a champion in waste reduction but also a warrior against carbon emissions. With a saving of 600g of CO2 per litre compared to traditional Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) packaging, a company can proudly claim to have drastically reduced its carbon emissions. This isn’t just a win for the planet, but a compelling, quantifiable metric for the sustainability reports and marketing. 

Cost and Policy Futureproofing: 

While upfront costs of sustainable materials can be higher, consider it an investment against future plastic bans. Mycelium, with its eco-credentials, helps with future regulatory hurdles, reducing long-term risks and costs related to non-sustainable packaging. 

Stand Out as a Company: 

Be a front runner in your sector by embracing not just sustainability, but innovative sustainability. Mycelium packaging doesn’t just tick the eco-friendly box; it demonstrates a cutting-edge approach to environmental solutions. Think of the nice unboxing videos that will be made.. 

Show Genuine Care: 

The choice in packaging presents a brand’s values. Adopting mycelium packaging isn’t just a decision; it’s a statement that the company is dedicated to safe our planet by choosing green and reducing waste. 

Together, let’s make choices that let our forests grow, keep our oceans clean, and our earth stay beautiful. 💚 

Let’s do it for our future! 

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