Mycelium Packaging

Replacing Single-use-Plastic Packaging





Home compostable

Marine compostable

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Mycelium Packaging

A beautiful ending to the plastic foam packaging problem which pollutes our land and waters.

Freeing Europe from styrofoam packaging

Various shapes

Grown in various shapes and sizes

No fossil materials

Grow using alternative and clean fuels

Circular by design

Designed to close the loop and be fully circular

Custom Packaging

  • Unique design for your product and needs
  • Guidance from us in designing your custom packaging
  • For higher quantity needs of more than 2500 packages per year

Standard Packaging

  • Quickly get your standard packaging from our shop
  • Over 12 different standard designs to choose
  • For lower quantitiy needs of less than 2500 per year

Custom Made Packaging

Our Custom Packaging are designed specifically for your needs. This ensures that our Mycelium Packaging matches perfectly with your product, protecting it securely for transportation.

Custom mycelium packaging instead of styrofoam.

Mycelium Packaging
Uplifts your brand!

It can be grown with a unique velvety texture and has a natural look and feel.
Mycelium products can also be painted to add color, or coated to add protection.

Here are some of the brands we work with:


Your new packaging in 3 steps

Preliminary Price Offer
You provide:
Product to pack and dimension
Packaging design (or ask us)
Production volume (per week)

Design & Prototype
We then:
Make a render
Make a 1-time mould
Grow your prototype

Official Order
Finally we:
Make production molds
Start growing your packaging
First batch in 10 days

1-2 days

3-4 weeks

4-5 weeks

Pricing is important, we know

To make a real impact, our material needs to be accessible to all and that’s what we are working towards every day.

Meanwhile, the price of mushroom® packaging varies based on design, dimensions, quantity and delivery time. Don’t worry though. We work with you to ensure the lowest cost solution possible.

Discover more with our sample box

Order our sample box today to feel the unique look and touch of mycelium composite, a brilliant result of nature's intelligence, right at your mailbox.