Elegant Perfume Packaging

Present your perfume in style with our Elegant Perfume Packaging. Featuring a sophisticated design with two matching parts, this packaging not only protects your fragrance but also enhances its presentation. Place the perfume bottle in the smaller section and cap it with the larger one for a stunning reveal. Luxury meets functionality.

MOQ is 48 and we sell it in boxes of 48 pieces. For other quantities, please send us a mail.

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4.84 inc. VAT

Staffel prices

Quantity Discount (%) Price per unit (inc. VAT)
48 4.84
49 - 96 12.5 % 4.24
97 - 144 25 % 3.63
145+ 37.5 % 3.03

Product description

Elegant Perfume Packaging: Design Meets Protection

Check out our new Two-Part Perfume Packaging. It’s special because it comes in two pieces: a smaller part for your perfume bottle and a bigger part that goes over it. Both pieces have a unique nice design that looks fancy and high-end.

Special Unboxing Experience

We made this packaging to make opening your perfume fun and exciting. When you lift off the top part, you get to see your perfume for the first time, making it a special moment.

Designed with Elegance

Our packaging does more than just keep your perfume bottle protected safe. It looks really good too, with a smart, modern design that’s perfect for round perfume bottles. It presents your fragrance in a really nice way.

Shows Your Brand is Top-Notch

When you use this packaging, it tells everyone that your brand is all about sustainability, quality and style. It’s not just about keeping the perfume safe; It’s not only a packaging choice but a branding statement, elevating the perceived value of the fragrance and offering an unparalleled user experience.


Perfume Packaging Specifications

Available size:
Outside dimension: 14,5×9,5×9,5cm


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