3 Bottle Display

An eco-friendly and biodegradable way to showcase your products!

Grown with sustainable mycelium, the 3 Bottle Display adds a touch of elegance to your shop or expo booth. Stand out with this original, visually captivating display, and make a lasting impression.

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Product description

Elevate your product display

Introducing our innovative mycelium 3 Bottle Display, the perfect solution for customers who want to showcase their bottle-based products in an original and captivating way. Whether you own a shop or are participating in a product exhibition, this display will elevate the presentation of your products and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Grown using eco-friendly and biodegradable mycelium, our display offers a sustainable alternative to traditional materials. Not only does it provide a visually stunning showcase for your products, but it also aligns with your business values of promoting eco-consciousness and reducing environmental impact. Whether it’s wine, spirits, or artisanal beverages, our display will beautifully accentuate the original qualities of each bottle, emphasizing their craftsmanship and quality.

Upgrade your product presentation today and set your business apart with our mycelium Bottle Display. Make a statement, leave a lasting impression, and showcase your products in a way that is both visually captivating and environmentally responsible. Upgrade your retail display game today with our 3 Bottle Display – a sustainable and stylish solution to showcase your product in the best possible light!
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Available size(s):
Dimensions: L 28.5 cm x W 11 cm x H 8.5 cm

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