Floating plant pot

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Upgrade your garden with our floating plant pot, a uniquely designed planter that floats on water, offering a beautiful display for your favourite plants. Perfectly suited for swimming pond plants,  this pot boosts both the beauty and the biological balance of your garden.

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Product description

Discover our easy-to-use floating plant pot for swimming ponds & natural pools


What is the floating plant pot?

It’s a simple way to make your garden look great. This floating planter is perfect if you want to add a special touch to your outdoor water areas. It’s designed to float on water and is great for anyone who loves gardening.

Made from nature – floating mycelium plant pot

Our plant pot is made from a natural material called mycelium. It’s good for nature because it breaks down naturally. This means it fits perfectly in any garden and helps you take care of the planet. It floats on water, which lets your plants get a lot of sunlight and fresh air. This helps them grow better. It’s really easy to start using it: just put the pot on the water, add your plants, and watch them grow. It’s great for making your garden look unique and beautiful.

This pot doesn’t just help plants grow—it also makes your garden look better. Its simple style works well with any kind of garden, from old-fashioned to modern.

Why you and your swimming pond plants will love it

Try our Floating Plant Pot today to make your garden more beautiful and relaxing. It’s easy to use, looks great, and is friendly to the environment. It’s the perfect choice if you want to show off your plants and enjoy a nicer garden.

Design by Daisy Rani Xavier

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