Looking for a sustainable and custom packaging solution for your product? With the Grow-It-Yourself Packaging kit, you can create custom mushroom packaging to cradle your product yourself right at home or in your office!
This kit includes the basic tools you need. The manuals give directions and examples to make protective packaging that will be composted instead of thrown in a land fill! The kit contains approximately 1kg of material, which will grow to fill approximately 3.3L. Use sculpting mix (optional) to better shape your substrate. It turns the substrate into a clay’ish like substance that you can shape the way you want. Recycle and use the box that is included to package your item(s). You can continue to make more packaging using the bags of Grow-It-Yourself and Grow-It-Yourself Packaging kits.

This kit includes: one bag of GIY material, a plastic sheet, a set of gloves, the box (which will serve as your outer mould) and sculpting mix (optional).

Note: The plastic mould in picture is not included.

We ship fresh substrate: ready to use. It is best to store it between 1-7 degrees Celsius and use it within 5 days upon arrival.
It’s perfectly normal if your substrate is whiter than the one shown in the photo. So don’t worry! Check out our FAQ page to find out what to do.

Instruction video (EN)
Instruction manual (EN)
Please review the GIY Mushroom ® Material licensing agreement before adding the kit to your cart.