Mycelium Block

Our simple mycelium block is the ultimate modular solution to harness the unique properties of mycelium in both aesthetic and functional projects. Build a better, more sustainable world, one block at the time.

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7.25 inc. VAT

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Quantity Discount (%) Price per unit (inc. VAT)
2 - 9 7.25
10 - 29 17.36 % 5.99
30+ 34.06 % 4.78

Product description

These extraordinary mycelium blocks are the epitome of sustainability and versatility. These upcycled wonders are not only completely biodegradable but also offer endless possibilities for creative and innovative uses. Explore the potential of mycelium and revolutionize your projects with these remarkable blocks.

Our mycelium blocks embody the essence of environmental responsibility. By utilizing waste materials, we have created an eco-friendly solution that supports the circular economy and minimizes our impact on the planet.

Get creative!

With our mycelium blocks, you have the power to transform your surroundings while making a positive impact on the environment. Embrace sustainability, unleash your creativity, and join the movement towards a greener future.

Create inspiring accent walls, unique displays, bookends, decorative sculptures, personalized wall art, or innovative storage solutions. The organic texture and earthy tones of the mycelium blocks add a touch of natural elegance to any space.

What are you thinking of building with the mycelium blocks? Let the mycelium block be the eco-friendly building block for our innovative, sustainable future!

Mycelium Block Specifications

Available size(s):

L 22.0 cm x W 11.0 cm x H 7.0 cm

For a larger block, see our Giant Mycelium Block

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