Mycelium Sample Box 3 Pcs

Unlock the power of nature with our mycelium composite sample box! Get a first-hand experience with the 3 sample pieces that showcase the diverse possibilities of our mycelium product.

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Product description

Discover Mycelium

Experience the natural beauty and innovative properties of mycelium composite with our sample box. Made from the intelligent design of nature, mycelium composite is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials. Order your sample box today and get a taste of the future of sustainable materials delivered right to your doorstep.

By ordering our sample box, you'll have the opportunity to experience the unique look and feel of mycelium composite first-hand.  The box includes three individual pieces, each showcasing the diverse possibilities of our mycelium product.

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Sample Box Specifications

The sample box includes:

1x Flat-sided piece

1x Tray-shaped piece

1x Piece with the letters ‘GB’ heat-stamped in the mycelium


Each peace: 8.5cm x 10.5cm x 2.7cm

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