Is it a desk organizer or a candle holder? Creativity is often key in our process of designing and developing new products. We strive to create products that can be used for multiple purposes. How you will use these pots thus fully depends on you (and your creativity)!
As these pots are fully biodegradable, they can be thrown into your garden and will add nutrition’s to your soil. This is quite unusual for a pot, isn’t it? It does ensure that the pot’s life cycle is fully closed.

Available size(s):
L 12.5 cm x W 12.5 cm x H 5 cm

The minimum order quantity is ten. Consider the bulk prices below when placing your order. The more products you buy, the higher your discount!

Quantity Price per product (excl. VAT)
10-50 € 4,-
50-100 € 3,-
100+ € 2.50