Thin insulation panel

The material properties of mycelium make it very suitable for insulation but our panels are not used in the professional building industry yet.
The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces. Please note that shipping to the UK has higher costs.

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62.92 inc. VAT

Product description

This panel is made to be simply used between two walls. We have even seen people putting it between two glass layers to be able to keep seeing its beautiful mushroom texture. This insulation panel (R~0,5) is slightly thinner than our other mycelium panel.

Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, serves as the foundation for this remarkable insulation panel. Through a carefully controlled and sustainable process, we nurture the mycelium to form a dense and resilient network within the panel, creating a powerful insulation material that rivals traditional options.

By choosing our mycelium grown insulation panel, you actively contribute to a more sustainable world. The reduction in energy consumption leads to lower carbon emissions and a smaller ecological impact. It’s a conscious choice that aligns with your values and supports the global transition to a greener future.

Deliverable time is upon request. Prices include VAT, excluding shipping. We sell our panels in sets of 10 pieces. The indicated price is thus per set of panels.

We grow many insulation panels in weekly rhythm. These panels are not used in professional building environments. Only by people who create hobby structures, garden sheds, carports, self built tiny houses, bike shelters. You may also have seen some bio based pavilions for which we have grown panels. The reason we don’t supply the pro market yet, is that we don’t have the required certificates yet. Topics that should be tested are the insulation value, and fire safety. Also, we will be working on lower price levels!

Thin Insulation Panel Specifications

Available size(s):

L 1230 mm x W 830 mm x H 25 mm

This version with chamfered edges makes it possible to apply the panels to a wall, and plaster them without seeing lines.

This insulation panel (R~0,5) is slightly thinner than our other mycelium panel.

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