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Our mission is to replace plastic foam with our CO2 efficient & 100% compostable mycelium-based packaging to protect our goods and leave a more liveable planet for generations to come.

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Can mycelium packaging replace Styrofoam?

One of the packaging materials with the worst environmental balance is Styrofoam. Accordingly, there is great interest in replacing it with a sustainable alternative. Here, mycelium packaging can assert itself. Mycelium packaging is exceptionally sustainable, completely compostable, and very similar to Styrofoam in functional properties. It offers excellent insulation properties, can safely surround impacts and potential external damage, and is also pleasantly light.

What is mycelium?

The root structure of fungi, an infinite resource that lies beneath our feet, in the soil.

It’s the decomposer of our planet. A natural binder of the biomass. It’s the wood wide web, connecting plants and trees together.
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A positive environmental balance is just one advantage of mycelium packaging

Mycelium packaging can easily be brought into the most varied forms during the manufacturing process and can thus be used for shipping electronic devices as well as perfume bottles. It also impresses with practical properties such as its low weight, reducing unnecessary shipping costs. Moreover, mycelium packaging is 100 percent compostable. The production is absolutely CO2-neutral. During shipping, it promises maximum protection for the products. It is water-repellent, good at shock absorption, and even fire-resistant.

We only need a few ingredients

Local organic waste



Final result

Mushroom® Packaging
Sustainable products for protective packaging, interiors and building. The products enable 100% home and marine composting.

Grown with a simple process

1. Fill the mould

with our mycelium and locally sourced agricultural waste mix substrate.

2. Let it grow

in a controlled environment, mycelium feeds on the waste, grows and binds in 5 days.

3. Stop the growth

of mycelium by placing the products in dry chambers for 2 days​.

Unique properties make mycelium packaging a versatile choice

Sustainable packaging solutions are the talk of the town, and not without reason. Alone in Germany, consumers produce an average of about 227 kg of packaging waste per capita. This means the burden from less sustainable packaging is enormous. To relieve the climate, improve their own environmental balance, and avoid unnecessary piles of waste, not only on the part of companies but also among consumers, interest in environmentally friendly packaging is steadily increasing. There are now various approaches to ecological packaging. We are committed to mycelium packaging. Mycelium is a substance that occurs in nature and describes the network that fungi create from connected cells.