Aug 3, 2023

Rethinking Packaging – COSSMA Article

picture: Haeckels

Grown bio’s sustainable packaging solutions are made from mycelium, a remarkable natural material sourced from the root structure of a fungus. The biodegradable packaging is not only eco-friendly and highly functional, but also visually stunning, leaving the customers with a good feeling, even when they dispose of it.

The cosmetic industry has been undergoing a significant transformation in recent years, with a strong emphasis on natural ingredients, ethical production and individualised products. In light of these changes, packaging has become a crucial aspect of the industry, with topics such as minimalist design, reduced impact, and increased use of biobased materials and a better end-of-life becoming increasingly important.

Sustainable and stylish: Packaging for Millennials and Gen Z

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, taking a closer look at the world of packaging and selecting brands based on their commitment to sustainability, not just the quality of their products. As a sustainable brand, the focus is on creating appealing and protective packaging that values the intrinsic emotional quality and sustainability of materials.

Today’s consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, seek purpose-driven brands that prioritise environmental impact reduction. Therefore, more and more natural materials are used, and low impact production technologies are continuously explored to create high-quality, premium-looking products that are accessible at affordable prices.

Thanks to COSSMA Magazine for the article. You can read more here.

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