NOWATCH and Learn: A Partnership Shaping Sustainable Solutions 
NOWATCH and Learn: A Partnership Shaping Sustainable Solutions 

In a world that’s always moving, balance often feels out of reach. That’s where NOWATCH steps in. With cutting-edge technology, they explore new ways to bring calm, strength and presence to everyday life. But their mission doesn’t stop at the product. They understand the vital importance of their packaging choices as well.

This blog post invites you to follow our shared journey with NOWATCH. Discover how we worked together to not only protect a unique product but also our beautiful planet. 

Discover NOWATCH 

Founded in 2021, NOWATCH combines innovative technology and the latest mental health science to improve overall wellbeing. Their flagship product, the NOWATCH Awareable, reflects their commitment to balance between mind and body, technology and humanity. NOWATCH not only helps restore balance quickly but is also a celebration of life on Earth. 

Our Shared Mission 

Grown Bio and NOWATCH have a common goal: making a positive impact.
This is why we teamed up to create sustainable packaging that reflects our shared values.
NOWATCH wanted its packaging to be as smart and sustainable as the product itself. That’s when they reached out to us. Why? Because they believe in doing what’s needed, without any unnecessary waste, from product development to packaging. 

Gemma Galeno , the art director of NOWATCH, beautifully expressed the essence of their collaboration with us: ‘ 

At NOWATCH, we focus on creating balance in people’s lives, a balance that naturally includes connecting with nature. We strive to keep embodied energy low and treat Mother Nature with respect. Knowing that packaging can be a major pollutant, we were looking for a solution that not only protects our product but benefits our planet. Our research led us to mycelium, and we found Grown bio through a simple Google search. It was the perfect fit for our mission.'” 

Why Mycelium? 

What sets mycelium packaging apart is its renewability. Not only does it minimize damage to our planet by eliminating the need for tree cutting or oil extraction, but it also offers a completely sustainable approach from start to end. Best of all, mycelium-based packaging is 100% compostable! After using it, you can throw it in your compost or garden. It naturally decomposes, enriching the soil with valuable nutrients.  


A Bright Example

The partnership with NOWATCH is a testimony to what companies can achieve when they take responsibility for their environmental impact.  

Together, we developed a mycelium packaging that wouldn’t just look good but would also be gentle on the earth. Our packaging solution is an excellent substitute for damaging materials like styrofoam and single-use plastics. 

It was a great experience for us at Grown bio, and we are looking forward for more collaborations in the future. Thank you, NOWATCH, for this wonderful partnership.  

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