Packaging for Cosmetic and Care Products of High Quality

Sustainable future for Cosmetics: GROWN bio’s natural Packaging Solution

The cosmetic industry is embracing some important changes, such as strong emphasis on natural ingredients, ethical production and responding to the need for individualized products. The packaging of cosmetic products is discussed increasingly at board level: topics are minimalist design, reduced impact, increased use of biobased materials and a better end-of-life.

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“We offer packaging solutions for cosmetics that align with the values of the industry. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from our products and packaging to our entire supply chain.”

Jan Berbee


Step up your packaging game

It’s the first thing your customers see!

At GROWN bio we’re upgrading the cosmetics industry by filling the gap in the often overlooked world of packaging.

We believe that packaging is more than just a necessary protection for your products; it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression. It’s the first thing people see, hold and judge.
That’s why we offer sustainable packaging solutions made from Mycelium, a remarkable natural material sourced from the root structure of a fungus. Our packaging is not only eco-friendly and highly functional, but also visually stunning, leaving your customers with a good feeling, even when they dispose of it.

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Haeckels mushroom packaging cosmetics GROWN bio
Mybacs mushroom packaging cosmetics GROWN bio

“By choosing GROWN bio, you’re not only reducing packaging waste but also showing the world that your brand is responsible and forward-thinking. Join us in creating a better future for cosmetics packaging.”

Christina Thurner

Marketing & Sales, GROWN bio

reasons why working with GROWN bio can help reduce your environmental impact and delight your customers

5 reasons why working with GROWN bio can help reduce your environmental impact and delight your customers

Made with nature’s intelligence

Customizable & Eye-catching Designs

Protection and Functionality

Eco-friendly and Zero Waste

Brand booster

Protect your products & the planet

Our sustainable packaging is made from Mycelium and upcycled agricultural waste. It’s customizable, with a range of shapes to choose from, and can provide excellent protection for your products. Our packaging is 100% home-compostable, making it a sustainable alternative to plastic & styrofoam.
Choose GROWN bio’s sustainable packaging to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a circular economy.

Mushroom® Packaging uplifts your brand!

It can be grown with a unique velvety texture and has a natural look and feel. Mycelium products can also be painted to add color, or coated to add protection.

Here are some of the brands we work with



Plants are Purple

The Skinfluencer

Join the growing list of companies who have already made the switch to sustainable packaging and choose GROWN bio today!

Our packaging is a great choice for brands looking to make a positive impact on the environment and promote sustainability. Our natural and customizable packaging solutions offer excellent protection and functionality.

Your new packaging in 3 steps

Preliminary Price Offer
You provide:
Product to pack and dimension
Packaging design (or ask us)
Production volume (per week)

Design & Prototype
We then:
Make a render
Make a 1-time mould
Grow your prototype

Official Order
Finally we:
Make production molds
Start growing your packaging
First batch in 10 days

1-2 days

3-4 weeks

4-5 weeks

Pricing is important, we know—value even more

To make a real impact, our material needs to be accessible to all and that’s what we are working towards every day.

Meanwhile, the price of mushroom® packaging varies based on design, dimensions, quantity and delivery time. Don’t worry though. We work with you to ensure the lowest cost solution possible.

Packaging for cosmetics and care products must meet high requirements

In 2021 and 2022, the share of cosmetic products ordered online by consumers and thus had to be shipped was over 20 percent. Especially in recent years, the shipping of cosmetics has gained momentum. At the same time, the pressure on cosmetic companies to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts is high. Packaging for cosmetics can make an important contribution. To prevent microplastics in cosmetic products, more and more manufacturers are opting for the use of glass containers. However, these also need particularly reliable packaging. For cosmetics and care products, the same applies as for other articles: The packaging must be light and yet particularly reliable.


Mycelium packaging offers many advantages for cosmetics

For the safe shipping of glass flacons and cream jars, various packaging materials come into question. If you are looking for an innovative, climate-friendly, and completely biodegradable packaging, it is best to choose products made from mycelium. Made from the root structure of fungi, these packages can not only be brought into the most varied shapes. Moreover, mycelium packaging serve as a positive image impulse and convince as a brand booster. For this, they enchant with the sophisticated design that quickly becomes an eye-catcher. Furthermore, they can be composted 100 percent.


Good packaging avoids damage during shipping

The packaging for cosmetics and care products is required from the outset to cushion possible damage caused by impacts and less gentle handling during transport. However, the packaging should not be too bulky, otherwise, the shipping costs increase disproportionately. Mycelium packaging meet all these requirements. They are as light as Styrofoam and can also be brought into the most varied shapes.


Will the packaging stay alive?

During the final phase of our growth process, all products are dehydrated in a large drying chamber to remove all moisture from the products. By the way, we re-use that water later in our process! Next, the products are then baked at high temparture (80 degrees) to kill the mycelium.
Finallly we do a check on moisture content of some of the product as part of our quality monitoring process.

Do you package lipstick?


What products can I pack?

We understand the importance of protecting sensitive products, which is why we use mycelium as a natural and sustainable packaging solution. Glass products, porcelain jars, and sensitive metal containers are carefully packed in mycelium protective packaging to ensure their safekeeping.

But that’s not all! Mycelium also offers incredible versatility. We can create custom displays or inlays for our clients, adding a touch of natural beauty to their products. Moreover, mycelium is an excellent insulator, making our packaging ideal for keeping products warm or cold.
This means you can pack: candles, glass jars for skin cream, perfume bottles, dropper bottles, lipstick, and many more.

Do you have packaging for skin cream in glass?

Yes we do!
There are so many different shapes and sizes of these glass containers, that we always make a custom shape mycelium packaging.