Mycelium Packaging

Grown has created a standard product range that is constantly growing, but we also manufacture products for your specifics wishes.

The functions of mycelium-based products are ideal for packaging applications. First, the products have high shock resistance and a good protective value. We can design packaging for a great range for shape alternatives. Besides protective and versatile in shape, mushroom packaging is also a super insulation product. It keeps warm products warm, and cool products cool. Are you curious about the exact properties of our material? Check out this spec sheet!

Special packaging

How do we create a new packaging?

Step 1: tell us what you want. We prefer to have an actual sample of the product, your existing protective packaging, and the box around it. Plus a drawing with the dimensions and the weekly volumes. If you have no packaging yet, we’ll design something stunning together!

Step 2: we will make  a render, which can be a copy of your current packaging. But where possible we try to incorporate improvements. Last but not least we always try to design the packaging for a ‘second life’. That means it can become a bowl, a coaster, a vase, a puzzle etc. Making one render usually costs between €100 and €200. In this stage we can give you a rough estimate of the cost of your new packaging.

Step 3: we will make the mould, usually with a  3D printer but sometimes even handmade or vacuum formed.

Step 4: Then we fill the mould and grow your first prototype. Making a prototype will cost between €400 and €800. At this stage we can quote you an exact price.

Step 5: you decide on giving a go or a no-go.

A mycelium product grows in 5 days and dries in 2 days. That means that with one mould, we make 1 product per week, 52 per year. With 20 moulds … Well, you get it.

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