Winner of the German Sustainability Award 2023 

It’s official! Grown bio has been recognised as a pioneer within the raw materials industry and is the winner of the German Sustainability Award. An expert jury of 140 jurors chose the companies that are leading the sustainable transformation in their industries. 

Winner of the German Sustainability Award

A Victory for the Planet 

In a world rapidly approaching a population of 10 billion, the call for sustainable raw materials has never been louder. The raw materials sector stands at the crossroads of transformation, where each decision can significantly impact our environment and societies. And luckily our commitment to revolutionizing this industry has not gone unnoticed. 

Why Grown bio Stands Out 

We’ve showed that it’s possible to contribute positively to our ecosystem without sacrificing quality or innovation and we recognise that our planet’s resources are finite. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to the development of mycelium based packaging – an innovative alternative to plastic foam that aligns perfectly with the circular economy model. 
Our mycelium based packaging is not just a product; it’s a part of our commitment to fight climate change. With significantly lower carbon emissions compared to traditional packaging materials, we offer a solution that truly considers the global impact. Our packaging isn’t just less harmful – it’s regenerative. We’re harnessing the power of natural processes to create products that can be given back to the earth at the end of their lifecycle. 

A Model for Others 

We inspire change not only within our industry but also among our consumers, proving that responsible choices can coexist with high-quality products and innovation. It’s not just an award, it’s evidence of our commitment, passion, and the impact we’re making in our industry. Thanks to everyone who’s been on this journey with us! 

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